Redirected — Latvia


Programme Erasmus+ Youth, Key Action 1: training course

Dates: 4—9 October 2021

Venue: Riga, Latvia

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Participating countries: Czech Republic, Latvia, France, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Hungary, Greece, Croatia

Hosting organisation: EvolvingYOUth

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Czech team: Pavla Chaloupková

Project report:

The project called Redirected took place from October 4 to 9 in Latvia, in the beautiful capital Riga.  A total of 14 people from the following countries took part in the seminar: the Czech Republic, Croatia, Belgium, Hungary, Latvia, Greece, Cyprus, and Germany. Plus for interest – for Latvia there was also one participant from as far away as Kyrgyzstan, who had just moved to Latvia.

From the organizing organization EvolvingYouth, Alise, the founder of NGO, took care facilitation of the project and activities.

The training as such was in charge of Italian trainers Luca and Angelica, whom I would like to thank for their professionalism and passion for work, it was more then clear that they enjoy their work, they were always willing to help, explain etc.

The first day was also the day of arrival, some of the participants arrived late in the evening, so the only activity was a dinner together in hotel restaurant for those who had already arrived.

The next day was in the spirit of getting to know each other, but also with the topic on which the training course (seminar) was focused.

The seminar responded to the problems that arose due to the pandemic situation, especially (on-line) communication. The seminar therefore aimed to focus on new digital tools and platforms, to introduce them to participants and at the same time to increase the competencies of the participants by having the opportunity to work with these new tools during the seminar. The name of the Seminar was – Redirected – in the meaning redirected to new digital tools and platforms.

The second day was an introductory day and ended with the so-called international evening, when each country had a short programme prepared, acquaintance with the country and also a tasting of traditional food and drinks. Unfortunately, only on the first day of the project, already in Riga learned that the second participant from the Czech Republic canceled her participation, which unfortunately meant that I did not have everything we had to bring for the Czech national team, but I improvised and at the last moment in Riga I managed to get a few other things that the second participant was ment to bring from the Czech Republic. I think you too can see from the photos that I did not embarrass our country in the end! 😊

On the third and fourth day, we focused intensively on the issue of digital tools, first we were briefly introduced to the individual tools and platforms by trainers Luca and Angelica, and then we had time to try the tools in practice.

In a small group of 4-5 people, we had the task of working on a larger project, which we presented at the end of the seminar to all participants and at the same time we received feedback from both – trainers and other participants.

Also the NGO´s Fair was organized, we presented our sending organizations. Of course, I introduced the EYCB, handed out leaflets to all participants and placed EYCB contacts on the Padlet. Maybe it will be interested in establishing cooperation the Croatian NGO “Razvojna udruga Ludbreg” I can really only recommend them, since I worked with representatives of this NGO in a small group and one of the participants – Cristian is also the founder of this organization. Both of the representatives of Razvojna udruga Ludbreg were very keen in the youth topic, active participants and well educated in the topic of youth work.

I also passed on my experience to others as part of discussions and group work, and presented what the Youth Pass can be used for. (In the past, when I did not have much work experience as a recent graduate, I attached the Youth Pass to my CV when I applied for a job and we even discussed this topic in an interview and I believe that participation on Erasmus+ projects helped me get my first job).

On the last day, in small international groups, we focused mainly on dissemination, where we shared best practice and at the same time discussed what further actions could be taken after returning home. I will definitely share with colleagues at work interesting platforms and digital tools that could be used either at work or in personal life.

On the last day, we aswell learnt more about other Erasmus+ options and projects implemented by trainers, and in the evening they were Youth pass ceremony where we received the Youth passes.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in this seminar, perfect organization and communication before departure, and I would also like to thank Alise, but also Annije from EvolvingYouth for organizing a great project and their approach.

                                                                                                                      Pavla Chaloupková


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