Outdoor for All — Poland


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: training course

Venue: Zakopane, Poland


  • part 1 – training course: 18—26 September 2023,
  • part 2 – seminar: 6—12 November 2023.

Czech team: 4 participants 

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Hosting organisation: Fundacja Edukacyjno-Europejska

Project report from 18—26 September training course:

The training course, which took place on September 18 – 26. 9 2023 in the Polish city of Zakopane was located in the wonderful environment of the High Tatras. The project was organized by the Polish organization Fudacja Edukacyjno-Europejska. A total of thirty participants, some of whom were youth workers, teachers and some of which were students, from eight countries took part: Poland, the Czech Republic, Albania, Romania, Italy, Ukraine, Jordan and Armenia.

During the project, we were brainstorming the importance of outdoor for the youth and the issues outdoor activities may help with (for example: disconnect with the environment and the mental issues coming from that). Then we were presented with diverse sets of outdoor activities that are possible to use while working with a group. We experienced those activities by ourselves and then we discussed the effect of these activities. We tried some calming activities, like yoga (which highlight was exercise on the top of Gubałówka hill) and hiking (in the beautiful Valley of Five Polish Ponds) as well as more „adrenaline “once, like paintball.

We also tried facilitating as a preparation for the next part – organizing an outdoor activity in our home countries. As a part of the project, it was necessary to think of an activity that would help with some of the issues in our countries that we thought of earlier. As a Czech team, we agreed that some of the issues in the Czech Republic is racism, and we decided to organize an integration day for foreign and Czech students, during which students are going to complete tasks during a scavenger hunt in Divoká Šárka park.

Anastázie K.

Project report from 6—12 November seminar:

I had the chance to be part of „Outdoor for all“ Seminar, in beautiful town Zakopane,near the polish Tatra mountains,  from 6.11. to 12.11.2023, which was the 2nd stage of the project. 1st stage was Training course in September.

The accommodation was a nice wooden house Willa Josef, that offer us a lot entertainment activities such as ping pong and billiard for the next 7 days. The first day started with a rich breakfast and a joint meeting of 27 participants from many countries of the world such as Jordan, Albania, Armenia, Ukraina,Romania, Italy, etc..

Our instructor Aga, which I already know from trainig course and was happy to see her again,  was really great. Always in a good mood, comprehensible, easy and humorous, she explained everything to us and taught us many new and important things in a playful and entertaining way.

The day was divided into four learning blocks with coffee breaks and ended at 6:30 p.m., so we had still some time to go for walk to nearest hills or to chill. We ended also one day little earlier, about 5p.m. to have the opportunity to visit the amazing city center or to relax in thermal spa. Usually we started in the morning outside with some energizers. We played Samurais, Rock, Paper, Scissors, running games etc.

During the first days each country presented dissemination of the local stage, where created an activity for youth, which was mandatory after taking part in training course in September. We talked about hiking path with some learning and get-to-know-each other tasks in Divoká Šárka in Prague, which was organized for Czech and foreign students.

We also experienced presentation about the war in Ukraine made by one participant from this country, which was really hard for some for us. We learned also about Salto website, where everyone can find intristing recources, not only like participant, but also facilitator. Our main aim was to develop toolbox, where we can share games, energizers and reflexion methods. We worked divided into five groups, discussing, sharing ideas and creating.

We also talked about Erasmus+ priorities for nowadays projects and our other task was in different groups created project according to one of this themes. Later we can present them and got feedback from organiser, what we can improve.

Nights were also full of joy and fun. Two evenings participants organized a Cultural night, where we shared our food and drinks and show others typical dances and traditions. Third night was a Polish night  with live mountain music, where we had a lot of fun with dances and also some competitions.

The program was really busy, but interesting and it was like a blink of an eye, that in the end nobody believed it was time to go home, because we could feel the spirit of unity. I really recommend participate in one of the wide range of EYCB courses abroad, it is an unforgettable experience, always unique and full of knowledge, great people and fun.               



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