Peaceful Leaders — Estonia


Programme: Erasmus+ Youth, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue Viljandi, Estonia

Youth exchange dates: 22—30 March 2022

APV (= Advance Planning Visit) dates: 11—14 February 2022. APV was attended by the group leader of each national team. 

Please read the info-pack

Participating countries: Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Lithuania

Hostitng organisation: NOORED UHISKONNA HEAKS

Czech team: Kateřina Hrdá (GL), Tomáš Kocián, Alžběta Sirová, Nela Cieślarová, Matěj Matoušek, Jaroslav Krejčí

Project report:

It was Tuesday, March 22. The Czech team landed in Tallinn and joined other participants to catch a bus to a magical place close to Viljandi. It was dark, I only saw a few smiling faces and went to bed.

In the morning I woke up with a blue sky, sun, and a magical view from the window. After breakfast, we had a yoga class and then we started getting to know each other. In the afternoon we got the first task – Mission impossible. After this day, I already remembered all names. 

The next days we focused on the topic of the project, namely: Mindful leaders. It was nice, each country had pre-arranged workshops, so the sessions were different, fun, and interesting. We had a lot of activities outside, energizers, and games. We practiced non-formal education, developing competencies, public speaking, soft skills, meditations, mindfulness exercises, hiking in nature, roleplay, and how to be a positive and good leader. 
Different was also culture night, we presented Lithuania, so was fun to research the unknown.  We taught their dance, culture, traditions, and some fun facts about the country. Our final task was to create our workshop related to the topic. The Czech Team chose a focus on the senses, so we gave the participants various tastes, sounds, and objects to guess with closed eyes.
The participants were very nice, helpful, and cheerful. Everyone loves hugs, talking, and massages. 😀 We have unforgettable memories, friendships, and new experiences. Thank you Carol and Marco for organizing this project. And thank you EYCB for the opportunity to participate in this experience. 
                                                                                                                           Kateřina Hrdá

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