Practical Ecology II – France


Programme: Erasmus+

Venue: Bédeille, France

Dates: 22 July – 1 August 2014

Participants: Eliška, Anna, Asma, Magda

Project report:

On Tuesday 22nd July we started our journey to Toulouse and after Bédeille in France, where we met group of 20 people from France, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia and Spain. The project’s name was Practical Ecology II and took place in old farm house in Bédeille in region of Midi-Pyrénées, France.

The name practical was real, during the project we had done a lot of practical things. We were using dry toilets and the „content“ we used for compost at the farm and we attended lecture about types of dry toilets and possibilities in using „grey water“. We made clay oven, solar cooker, economic wood cooker, economic wood water heater and helped with making wood shingle and clay bricks for eco house. We also prepared ecological friendly cleaning products (such as washing-up, multiuse disinfectant,… ) and food from wild plants (such as flower butter, chocolate cake with nettles, wild plants salad,… ).  We were separated to pairs, which prepared one section for “clever booklet” according to workshops and lectures.

During our stay we made trips to Saint Girons- beautiful small mountain city, Toulouse and hiking or swimming in a lake trip. Very interesting was “insect clearing” lecture, where we had opportunity to touch insect and get to know many interesting things from “beetles’ life”.

On Friday 1st August our 11 days in peaceful French countryside ended and we had to go home. We have many new experiences, lots of new friends and gained new knowledge.

In the end I only want to say big thank you to EYCB and SOLAFRICA for opportunity to take place in this amazing training course.


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