Youth Lysis for Crisis – Cyprus


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 4.3. training course

Venue: Nicosia, Cyprus

Dates: 22-29 April 2014

Participants: Marek Tran Viet, Petra Konečná

Participating countries: Germany, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Romania, Spain

Project report:

Youth Lysis for Crisis = Youth Solution for Crisis

A training course called Youth Lysis in Crisis took place in Nicosia, the capital of third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea – Cyprus. The project gathered 22 participants from different European countries, namely the Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Estonia and France. The aim of the project lied in finding and proper defining of possible solutions for youth during financial crisis.

By attending various lectures given by professionals as well as several visits of EU office buildings and organized discussions we learnt about a current state of crisis in Cyprus and we could share our experiences. Moreover, workshops given by English teachers improved our vocabulary and equipped us with general ground for further intercultural conversation.

Evenings were devoted to intercultural nights and we could taste delicious food and drinks from participating countries, try traditional dances and learn more about commons and differences among all of us.


The project gave an amazing opportunity to explore Cypriot culture through lectures, guided tours in the city, meetings with officers and mayor and last but not least delicious homemade traditional Cypriot food served throughout the whole project period. 

Petra Konečná 

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