M.U.S.I.C.A – Music Uniting Soulmates in Covid-19 Aftermath — Italy


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Pachino, Sicily, Italy

Dates: 20—30 September 2023

Czech team: 4 participants  + 1 group leader 

Please read the  info-pack. Please listen to the album recorded by the talented participants of this project here: https://attivamentemodica.altervista.org/musica/ or click directly here: http://jamen.do/l/551770

Hosting organisation: Attiva Mente

Project report:

A unique experience has been offered to 25 people from 5 countries at the end of September 2023. The national groups from Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria, Netherlands and Lithuania set off on 20st of September to Sicily, to be more specific, to wonderful place, called Agri Camping Sophia, near city of Pachino. Our home away from home for the next ten days!

The main goal was clear from the beginning. Make an complete album of ten songs. For this, we needed well organized schedule and well working group. We devoted the first day to teambuilding activities, name games and we made sure that everyone was aware how to functionate in the camping. In a really short time, we created atmosphere which felt almost like home.

The next few days we were exploring the topic of songwriting. With help from Vincenzo, a musical wizard and our guide through the madness, and also facilitator of this project, we actually created something similar to a song. Most of the songs were drafts and we needed to finish them. Thankfully, we had guys from Dalek Studio, Gaetano and Claudio, and they lead us to sweet finish.

Following three days were hectic and full of recording, we were half day behind the schedule, but somehow we managed to get back on track.

For most of the participants, this experience was also the first one. Many of the people were first timers and did not know how to move in the music field. But as I have said, we created safe space, so no one was feeling excluded or pushed away and we have had amazing mentors who were there with us for the whole project.

I think that there is no need to explain what happened every evening after we finished recording. We were all musicians, music was therapy, source of feelings and also way of relax. So every free time we have had, we were playing, jamming, exploring new instruments and learning foreign songs.

It is my great honor to say, that one of the signature songs of this project had become a Czech song from Karel Kryl called Anděl (Angel). To the surprise of every single one of Czech participants, the others learned this, for us really basic but deep, tramp song.

How the project has been reaching its end, we headed to Marzamemi to try busking, also amazing experience. Originally, it was supposed to be a competition, but we all ended up dancing in the square, drawing in curious strangers passing by. Who could resist our musical charm?

To sum it all up, I think I can talk for everyone if I say that this was a once in lifetime experience and for this chance we are extremely grateful to Erasmus+, to Attiva-Mente Modica (the hosting organization) and also to EYCB. We were leaving with tears in our eyes but the biggest smiles on our faces. With memories, with new friends and with memorable ten days that we have lived in paradise.

Barbora S.

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