Recycling and Creating Together — Spain


Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 1.1. youth exchange

Date: 15-23 July 2013

Venue: Cártama, Málaga, Spain

Pax: Martin Fišer (GL), Martin Ševčík, Šimon Záhradník, Natálie Kristýnková, Zuzana Fišerová, Brigita Melkonyanová, Veronika Reháková

Participating countries: Spain, Italy, Holland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Portugal, Hungary

Project report:

Project „Recycling and creating together” took place from 15-23 July in the south of sunny Spain in a small city with about 15 000 habitant called Cártama.  There were 7 countries which participated on the project – Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Holland, Portugal and Hungary and about 50 participants mostly from the age 13 to17. 

For these 9 days we were living in local secondary school – we slept there and also we were doing here most of the activities. The accommodation wasn’t really too much comfortable, but on the other hand it helped children to get know each other much more faster because they simply had to spend every time with others participants. 

The program was really interesting and showed us how interesting and funny could be even recycling. One day we went in groups to the city to local restaurants, shops etc.. to collect material for recycling and than we were creating lots of stuffs from it. From the old newspaper we were creating recycled paper, from wood we built a birdhouse, from old cans we made very nice jewelry etc.. Nearly every day we had also some party – for ex. music party, karaoke party, dancing party, intercultural evening, where we were tasting food from different countries. 

In the end of our stay we also had time to visit Málaga wit it s castle Alcazaba, Catedral de la Encarnación, local market, Picasso, and for middle European maybe the most interesting beaches and sea! 


Project was very good, there was really nice and warm atmosphere. We would like to thank EYCB and also Spanish organisators for the possibility to spend there so many warm and friendly days.

Martin Fišer

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