Safety Net — Macedonia


Date: 2-10 April 2012

Venue: Kavadarci, Macedonia

Age limit: 18+

Participants: Dominik Prokop, Kristýna Spěváková, Jan Špičák, Barbora Hantonová

Project report:

The project was for young people, who are unemployed after their studies and to provide them with an opportunity to arrange their own project supported by EU grants including realization of such a project.

The first days were about getting to know one another within the group and improving communication skills. This was supported by team building activities with emphasis on learning about different cultures. The concept of non-formal education as well as of Youth Pass was explained to all the participants.

Next step of the project was dedicated to self-development of participants, workshops, non-formal education, brainstorming and presentations.

One part of the day served to introduce the topic of a good leader with emphasis on his or her skills and demands that others have towards such person. All the activities took place in groups and were to develop creative thinking of each individual and the possibility to interact with others regardless of cultural differences among the participants.

Major part of the project was dedicated to working with young people with the respect to presentational skills, removing prejudice and stereotypes, project management including formal aspects of organizations.

The project was ended with introducing a concept of a project within Youth Pass, creating a similar project for others, which included filling in an application and presenting it to others.

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