SEE a Game – Armenia


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1.2 training course

Venue: Dilijan, Armenia

Dates: 23-30 March 2014

Participants: Vojtěch Navrátil, Zuzana Vaněčková

Participating nations: Czech Republic, Latvia, Malta, Hungary, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Italy, Turkey, Belarus, Romania and Croatia.

Project report:

Welcome to Armenia, country of mountain Ararat, cognac, pomegranate wine, shaslik! Because of the poor travel connections we decided to spend two more days in Yerevan before project and explore Armenian culture. These two days gave us a lot of energy for future project!

We couldn’t wait what we could expect from mysterious name of the project SEE a Game in beautiful village Dilijan in northern part of Armenia. SEE a Game is tool of non-formal education which can help young people and social workers improve their entrepreneur skills such as presentation skills, negotiating and other soft skills. During the project we met 20 very interesting people from Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey, Latvia, Malta, Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania and Croatia.

We started with teambuilding games because it was very important to know every participant. Every participant of the project had a space to represent her/his own country, tell more about local culture, food, traditions. The best experience for me was short show of Turkish wedding with music, dance and henna paintings. We played short warm-ups every morning and sentence: “Make a circle!” was legendary after few days.

Can you imagine yourself like a catering company providing unusual experience for your customers? In teams of 4 it was our first challenge! Game MENU pushed us into to the jungle of marketing, presentations, exciting ideas and what is more, we had to persuade customer that our company is the best on the market!

If you are more interested in making money, being rich the card game FAIR is the best for you! Cooperation, hard negotiating, and personal goals that’s not only words in this game. Three types of companies with different goals make the game more interesting. You have to trade your cards with others, follow your goals and show your communication skills.

This training wasn’t just about working but also about cultural experience, meeting different people from many countries, sharing ideas and dreams and also enjoying great time in Dilijan! And the surprise at the end! When we woke up last morning we didn’t believe what happened last night…

Vojtěch Navrátil

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