SketchUp Europe — Germany


Programme: Erasmus+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Berlin, Germany

Dates: 25 June—3 July 2021

Please read the info-pack

National team size: 4+1GL

Participating countries: Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Greece, Czech Republic

Hosting organisation: Europe4Youth Deutschland

Czech participants: Andrea Jeřábková (GL), Tereza Havlíčková, Anna Švaňhalová, Adéla Krylová

Project report:

The topic of this project was mainly art, but we also worked with the topic of EU values. Our program was really full. We learned about the process of creating art and what more, we created our own!

I wasn’t an artistic person at all before the project but to be honest… I became one. As many of “Erasmus people” say: “projects change you” – mostly in a good way. And that’s exactly what happened to me during this exchange.

During this week we experienced sessions about sketching, drawing, portrait art and body painting, but also about European values and how to promote them through art. Also, the location of this exchange was on point: Berlin – the city of art.

During the city game in Berlin, we experienced art from every possible sense. We heard lots of street artists performing, saw wonderful graffiti all over Berlin, smelled and tasted the precious art of cooking. 

All in all, we had a special time there and learned lots of new useful skills. Thanks to EYCB and E4Y for allowing me to participate in this project!

                                                                                                                        Andrea Jeřábková

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