Social Entrepreneurship for Youth Lifestyle – Romania


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Iasi, Romania

Dates: 8-17 July 2015

Participants: Natálie Hamová, Veronika Ciencialová, Květoslava Lišková

Please read the project info-pack

Hosting organisation: EuroDEMOS

Participating countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Moldova, Spain, Hungary

Please watch the project movie and the final interview with the Czech team

Project report:

I was traveling to Romania – Iasi with other two Czech people on the 9th July. We were participants of the project “Social Entrepreneurship for Youth Lifestyle” , which was supposed to be a training course. There were about 30 people from Albania, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Moldavia, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Romania.

During our stay in Iasi, we met here a lot of new people and get many information about the topic. After ice breaking games, we could very easy speak with others and make friends so it was a lovely time here.

The main topic of our project was focused on social entrepreneurship and we try to create our own project with real basic. It hepls to improve our communication skills and working in a group.

We experienced a lot from Romania culture thanks to cultural evening where every nation presented their country, their local food, drink and dance. We had a lot of fun and we try to moderate our evening in front of a camera, which was really usefull experience – we get rid of the fear from public speaking.

In the middle of the week, there were a time for visiting the centre of Iasi. It is very nice and historical city with many landmarks. We had opportinity to go to a local bars and our social evenings was perfects.

In conclusing we have to say thanks to EYCB because if there was not this organisation, we will have no opportunity to go here and meet there these fantastic people.

Veronika Ciencialová

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