Social Entrepreneurship as Local Charge of the Global Changes — Latvia


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Riga, Latvia

Dates: 9—17 December 2022

Czech team: Antonie Myslivečková (GL), Vojtěch Půlpán, Marie Cviková, Jakub Wambach, Matěj Cihlář, Michaela Mácová 

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: 3D Friends LV

Project report:

On 9th of December we landed in RIX, Latvia and one of the best experiences of our life started. First day in Riga was like going through a jungle, at least for a Czech team, because we had to work out a lot of problems along the way and we didn’t get to meet anybody from the project. The next day however we met one the most memorable people in our lives. There were four other teams, three of which being six men groups and a Latvian team which only consisted of four people.

The official schedule was divided to different workshops and energizers all led by one of the groups. Each day we had a breakfast, lunch and dinner with several coffee breaks and the day ended with leaders’ reflection time and cultural nights.

First few days were aiming for teambuilding activities and getting to know other countries and people from those countries. After we already got to know each other, the real social entrepreneurship began. We started by getting to know what exactly the social entrepreneurship means, and we slowly began creating ideas for our own social businesses. One of the most famous and entertaining activity was a roleplaying game called Shark Tank, where we created groups, each representing one of these roles: Legal department, The Sharks [group of investors], and starting businesses. Main goal of the businesses groups was to create a social business, speak about it in front of the Sharks and get them to invest in the business. Main goal of Sharks was to listen, think of possible flaws in the business and ask question about it. And the main goal of the legal department was to create rules for the businesses to follow.

The last few days were aiming to create more serious and functional business and make a presentation about it in front of the investors.

Even though we had full schedule as you can see here:

We found some time to roam around Riga and see all the beauties of it. Our friends from Latvia helped us with it a lot though, otherwise I am sure, we would get lost.

Throughout the week we really bonded with all the participants and saying goodbye wasn’t as easy as we would have thought arriving to Riga, but we managed. We left Riga on 17th of December with beautiful memories and motivated to pursue our dreams.

With this I would like to say thanks to organization team and to all the participants for this week and I hope we get to see each other again

Vojtěch Půlpán

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