Social Entrepreneurship Training 2 — Bulgaria


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Uzana, Bulgaria

Dates: 4 – 12 September 2018

Participants: Lenka Kosmatová, Lukáš Wimmer, Richard Bystřický

Please read the info-pack. Please watch the project video:

Hosting organisationCET Platform

Project report: 

Здрасти! Welcome to Bulgaria. Bulgaria is well – known country for its long sandy beaches and great holiday destination. However, Bulgaria offers much more than a seaside and our team of three people had from the 4th of September the chance to experience something different – Uzana, the central part of the country, popular for its hills, virgin nature and winter adventure. Specifically, project called Social Entrepreneurship 2 provided the opportunity to gather people from eleven different countries in total – Latvia, Romania, Albania, Sin Maarten, Estonia, Lithuania, Spain, Croatia,  Bulgaria, Italy and the Czech Republic.

What is Social Entrepreneurship? How does Social Entrepreneurship work? Why is Social Entrepreneurship good for a society? How to start a social entrepreneurship? What are the social problems in our countries and how to have a profitable business? These and many more questions were dealt during our project.

Social Entrepeneurship is a term relatively new and not very well – known, at least in the Czech Republic. Keep it simple, it is a business like any other, with the difference of trying to eliminate certain issue of any kind – social, economical, environmental. The project in Uzana helped out  any participant – people with zero knowledge as well as serious participants keep opening their proper business.

The programme of the project was clear and very enriching. As on any other project, firstly, through several games we got to know eachother and gained more confidence to work with eachother as a team despite different cultures. Secondly, current global and european issues and pontetional solutions. Third task was dedicated to the basics of a business and rules of any entrepreneurship. Fourth part, the most important stage of the whole week was to create, work out and develop our start – up idea; considering all aspects of a start – up such as – stakeholders, profitability, legal concerns and the final outcome and social benefit. Lastly, five teams had to present its social entrpreneurships ideas and their implementations. The best idea was awareded by prize Uzana Challenge.

Last but not last, EYCB, as always, gave us unforgetable chance to get to know new interesting people from all around the world, see different cultures and obtain knowledge about social and environmental issues and the most important – to make us aware of these problems, think about them and try to tackle them. Not only that we could benefit personally ourself with the project, but we, participants are better prepared now and also keen offering a helping hand to others, who need it and cooperate together for a brighter future. On behalf of a team, thank you EYCB. 

Lenka Kosmatová

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