SOURCE — Hungary


Programme: Visegrad Fund. Action: Seminar and conference

Venue: Nagykovácsi Kastélypark, Hungary

Dates: 9 – 15 September 2018

Participants: Jakub Pidrman, Denisa Zábranská

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And read a methodological pack was prepared with inspirational practices for youth workers. It is available from our website: 

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic

Participants’ fee: €30/participant

Hosting organisation: Elmenyakademia KHE / Academy of Experience

Project report: 

Hallo! My name is Denisa and I attended SOURCE Seminar & Conference (9-15.9) in beautiful area Nagykovácsi Kastélypark in  Hungary. We were people from Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. This seminar was full of high-quality informations about experimental education. I get to know people who had been working with children in schools, foster homes or children with disabilities. Instructors and participants were sharing games, tools, best practices and other methods like coaching. I’ve learned many non-formal methods (for example: how to make a lecture, good atmosphere and how to develop holistic lecture full of activities and connect topics in workshops, discussions and activities. For example we had great activities about trust when we were blinded and we had to find a tree or just to discover our surrounding. It was really challenging! I realized how important and fragile trust is.  Also we shared a lot of stories. So it was super interesting and fun! 🙂


And this isn’t everything! In last two days we attended a conference organized by accepting organization. So we met a lot local people and we could choose the topic we were interested in. I learned how to make a first psychic aid. Now I know how it is important and to be gentle to a person in need and how to show it.


To sum it up, I improved making interesting lecturers for my students and how to develop non-formal environment where learning is fun and easy. Thanks EYCB for giving me this great experience! Thank’s a lot for your good job!!!


Denisa Zábranská

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