Reconnect through the Power of Nature — Hungary


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Visegrad, Hungary

Dates: 1—8 May 2023

Participants Eva Nenková, Nikola Novotná

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Hope for Children Hungary

Projekct report:

This amazing project Reconnect through the Power of Nature full of energetic people took place at a breathtaking location with a view on the mountains in Visegrad (Hungary). From the first day, the 1st of May, we started to make new friends and were excited for all of the sessions that were ahead of us. This project ended on the 8th of May and we were saying goodbye to everyone with tears in our eyes.

During this project, we attended many sessions lead by Dóra Faragó, in which we focused on improving our mental health being and spiritual well being aswell. We learned how to take more care of ourselves, got to know some things about nutrition and tips on how to release stress. Our favourite activities were meditation, painting and selfcare sessions that usually took place outside. It was amazing to spend a whole week in the mountains with fresh air doing various activities including sports such as yoga, stretching sessions, frisbee and badminton games. We experienced a great hiking day and visited the beautiful Visegrad castle with an amazing view over Danube. In addition to the great activities connected to the topic, we enjoyed five intercultural nights presented by the Czech Republic, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Hungary, in which we acquired more knowledge about other cultures and tasted favourite drinks and meals of each mentioned country.

In conclusion, this project enabled every participant to relax and release stress from their everyday lives and helped them to find out more about themselves, their dreams and expectations towards their future. It was a pleasure to take part in this project and gain new memories and lifelong friends.

Nenková Eva

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