Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur — Poland


Programme: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Dates: 19—27 August 2022

Venue: Katowice, Poland

National team size: 5 participants + 1 group leader 

Please read the infopack.

Participating countries: Georgia, Armenia, Spain, Albania, Czech Republic, Poland

Hosting organisation: Fundacja Rozwoju Spoleczenstwa Przedsiebiorczego

Project description:

Goals of the project:

– To raise the awareness and the sense of social entrepreneur among youngsters;
– Unite young people passionate about education, entrepreneurship, and innovation;
– Equip participants with necessary skills and knowledge and then let them learn how to turn their ideas into viable business plans and strategies;
– Become more competent entrepreneurs, who understand how to present products more efficiently and become more aware of the key drivers shaping the job market in the XXI century;
– To promote tolerance, sense of equality and solidarity, working in multicultural environment and manage culturally diverse teams;
– To provide young entrepreneurs with tools that will help them to contribute to the economic growth in their countries and improve the quality of job opportunities in their societies;
– To let the participants overcome fear of failure and improve their positive attitude towards the labor market.

Project activities:

– Icebreaker games, energizers and team-building games.
– Daily evaluations
– Introduction to Youth Opportunities, getting acquainted with European Solidarity Corps programmes – possibilities of international mobility, introducing Europass CV and Youthpass tools.
– Intercultural evenings, getting to know each others national cuisine, national songs or dance, language.
– Business case studies: The participants will work in groups to analyze, present one business failure case study, and point out the lessons learned.
– Entrepreneurship workshops: The participants will learn how to use the Business Canvas to turn their ideas into viable business plans. They will work in groups to come up with a business idea. They will discuss how to create, promote, and position brands., learn about the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
– IT workshops and activities: Participants will learn how to use digital marketing tools and how to create engaging content. They will develop a digital marketing strategy and action plan. Moreover, they will learn the basics of creating a website.

-Participants will learn the difference between being a leader and being a manager. They will gain knowledge about how to create and lead teams more efficiently. They will also learn the components of EQ. Then, they’ll learn techniques of becoming emotionally more intelligent.
– They will also gain basic knowledge of discrimination in the workplaces with a focus on recruiting bias and stereotypes. They will discuss the rights and duties of the worker in Europe and the policies that prevent discrimination in workplaces.
– Negotiation and communication workshops: Participants will learn negotiation strategies and methods of sounding more persuasive. They will also learn how to present their ideas in a way that gets people interested. They will learn different techniques to have more productive sales meetings and interesting public speeches. Participants will have sales and negotiation role-play exercises to practice the techniques learned.
– Creating educational materials: The participants will choose different entrepreneurship topics to create educational materials that can be useful for the youth from their local communities.
– Sightseeing: The participants will visit the Silesian Museum to get to know the Silesian culture and history.
– Final evaluation: The participants will discuss what the Youth exchange gave them. They will also create an action plan of how they will use the knowledge gained in the future

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