Striving for Gender Equality through Youth Work — STRIVE — Armenia


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Dilijan, Armenia

Dates: 29 March—6 April 2023

Czech team: 2 youth workers (aged 18+). 

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Armenian Progressive Youth NGO (APY)

Project description:

The project “STRIVE – Striving for Gender Equality Through Youth Work” aims to develop and improve the knowledge and understanding of youth workers involved in the project on various gender-related concepts,  and analyze traditions, roles and perceptions of gender in different European countries and societies.

Through the project, partner organizations would like to tackle gender issues and look for solutions that can  be adapted to their organizations as well as societies and daily lives.

The Training Course will involve 35 youth workers. It will be targeting youth workers and youth leaders based in the countries of the European Union (the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia and Spain) and the Neighboring countries (Armenia, Albania, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of
North Macedonia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine).

Main objectives:

  1. Exchanging experiences, best practices and knowledge between youth workers and youth organizations on gender mainstreaming and women empowerment;
  2. Developing participants knowledge and understanding of various concepts related to gender and emphasizing the importance of gender equality in youth work;
  3. Providing space for learning about gender issues by sharing and comparing the realities in the European Union and the Neighboring Partner countries;
  4. Promoting gender sensitivity in youth work and gender-sensitive approach in the participating organizations;
  5. Facilitating networking among participants and promoting development of joint projects under Erasmus+ promoting gender equality;
  6. Developing quality support systems for youth activities and capacities of youth organizations to develop partnerships.

Participants’ profile:

The Training Course targets youth workers to equip them with competence and knowledge on gender issues. During a one-week long training course the youth workers will have a chance to get acquainted with new methods and approaches to work with young people on the topic of gender equality. As a result of a  training course, the participants will get back to their countries and will start the implementation process of  the follow-up events.

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