You Are Stronger with Eurodesk! — Turkey


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Ankara, Turkey

Dates: 17—24 November 2022

Czech team: Michal Šťastný (GL), Petr Kousal, Dominika Vondráková, Ondřej Zeman, Martin Klíma, Julia Krzywoń, Markéta Lindáková

Please read the info-pack & daily programme

Hosting organisation: Ander NGO

Project report:

This Erasmus+ project (youth exchange) was called ”You are Stronger with Eurodesk”. It took place in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, from 17th to 24th November 2022. 5 participating countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Italy and Lithuania. France should take part in too but dropped out few days before the project. The host organization was the Ander Association based in Ankara, Turkey.

Accommodation was arranged at a hotel in the city centre with two to three people per room and meals were provided three times a day.

The programme of this youth exchange was consisted partly of various discovery games and partly of group work and educational activities. Most of the activities were connected to the organisation of Eurodesk, the involvement of young people in society and opportunities for young people. The whole programme was performer in the form of non-formal education.

Facilitator of the project was highly experienced in working with youth by running his own volunteer organization.

On the last day of the project, all participants also received a Youthpass Certificate.

Each evening ended with a reflection of the day in the national teams, where everyone could share their opinions, feelings and suggestions in safety zone.

Sixth day of the project was the highly anticipated free day. Most of the participants took part in a City Tour organised by volunteers from a local organisation, others chose to explore the city on their own.

Reimbursement of travel expenses was made in cash on the spot and without any problems.

The project brought together a very good and dynamic group of people and everyone enjoyed Ankara to the full, especially those who were on an Erasmus+ project for the first time.

Ondřej Zeman

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