You Are Stronger with Eurodesk! — Turkey


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Ankara, Turkey

Dates: 17—24 November 2022

National team size: 5 participants (aged 16-30) + 1 group leader (18+)

Please read the info-pack & daily programme

Hosting organisation: Ander NGO

Project description:

The project designed for make youth workers, volunteers, and non-governmental organizations closely acquainted with the youth work and education methods which take place at European level, and improve institutional capacity with the experience they gain from the related works.

The most fundamental topic focused on the project is to enable youth work to be carried on more qualified by increasing the knowledge, ensuring communication and cooperation with youth organizations, Introduction of the European Information Network Eurodesk and skills about innovative working methods. Besides the thematic subjects, the project is expanded with the expected impacts of Erasmus+ programs on participants.

The aims of the project are as follows; non-governmental organizations’ to obtain international assessment opportunities on capacity needs, to share experiences (about their targets, activities and working methods), ensuring developments on implementation techniques with innovative project and activity designs, to obtain information and skills about the good project implementations in European basis, to make international evaluations about EU youth policies, to increase the communication,
dialogue and collaboration between EU countries and youth, to universalize the voluntariness, active participation and youth work/center, to introduce the Eurodesk, Erasmus+ program and Youthpass certificates and boost the participation rate of the program, to ensure intercultural learning and interaction.

Project Education Methods and Activities: This project is planned based on non-formal education methods. In this manner, it enables the participants to communicate and cooperate each other and to involve the activities easily. The topics in the project are introducing sessions of Eurodesk, Erasmus+ and Youthpass, organization market activities, presentation of European Union youth politics and evaluating session, communication and cooperation education between institutions, presentations about volunteering and active participating, project setup and application techniques with innovative ideas (workshop activity) , sharing experiences about youth work, group works, official visits, cultural events, creating awareness about dissemination and sustainability.

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