Take a Chance — Slovakia


Programme & Action: Youth in Action programme, action 4.3. partnership building activity

No of pax: 1

Dates: 2-6 October 2013

Venue: Ružomberok, Slovakia

Participants: Jana Knězová, Barbora Andruškivová

Project report:

The project “Take a Chance” focused on creating a new project and on making deeper cooperation between participating organizations. Ruzomberok, the place of our unforgettable  meeting, is a very beautiful, small city surround with mountains. There were representatives of 25 organizations from 12 countries in Motel Ranc. We started our activities on 2nd October with “icebreaking games”.

Next day we went to the city centre, where we visited the city hall and spoke with the mayor of Ruzomberok. We did something like “inquiry”, which was very funny and helpful. We should learn some Slovak children song, ask how to make “halusky” and a lot of other funny activities. On the other hand we informed young people on the streets about youth exchange programs.

We made a lot of work on Friday. We created ideas for new youth exchanges, presented our organization and shared our contacts for future cooperation. It was very interesting. I met people that really want to change world, they create a new projects for young, they give them a new chances. I find it brilliant.

Do you know how to try various food from different countries? Yes, you can go and buy it in a supermarket but it exists better way. It is our International evening . We could taste wine from Bulgaria, “salo” from Ukraine or cognac from Armenia and we have a lot of fun.


I really hope that the projects we designed together will come to life in the nearest future.

Bohdana Andruškivová

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