The Change Element – Serbia


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1.2. training course

Dates: 20-28 February 2014

Venue: Irishki Venec, Serbia

No of pax: Barbora Heresová, Lucie Matyášová

Project report:

‚The Change Element‘ was a training course which took place in Fruška Gora, Iriški Venac.  The main purpose and goal was to bring the values and benefits that volunteering offers to the youngsters of the partner‘s organizations involved in the training. More than 40 people coming from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, UN Kosovo, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine participated. The programme was divided into four sessions every day. The morning usually started with an energizer or another refreshing activity which should activate participant’s brains and bring them back to life after previous night. Then the programme continued with announcing daily topic which was somehow connected with teambuilding activities or introducing the new Erasmus+. Afternoon programme was connected with creating – participants were given an empty flip flop charts and each group had to fill it e.g. with their own EVS projects or presenting volunteering activities from their countries. On Sunday the group visited Novi sad, capital city of Serbian part Vojvodina and got to know a lot about its culture and history. Three nights of the week were dedicated to intercultural nights – each state presented itself, their food, drinks, music and so on. Participants spent a lot of time by walking outside in the fresh air. Last day everyone evaluated the project – and all had to agree it was a very useful training which helped them broke all prejudices they had about participating countries before. Also they as a group got really close and made an amazing team.

Thank you EYCB very much for the opportunity to participate in this project and meet a bunch of new friends there as well as learn more about volunteering!

Barbora Heresová

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