The Dark Side of Youth: Theory & Practice of Violence for Youth Workers — Italy


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Rovereto, Italy

Dates: 31 August – 8 September 2018

Participants: Veronika Wróbelová, Marie Šoukalová

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisationEast-West Lab

Participating countries: Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Italy

Project report: 

At the beginning of September (August 31 – September 8), representatives from nine different countries met in a small city in a valley. The city was called Rovereto (Italy) and I was one of that happy people who got a chance to be there. Except participants from Czech Republic there were people from Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania and Italy. Everyone came there to learn, to discuss and also to share their experiences connected to the main topic of whole week: The Dark Side of Youth: Theory & Practice of Violence for Youth Workers.

Everything started by getting know each other and strangers who came there first day changed for good friends. During whole week we learnt theoretical background of the topic of violence which was a fundament for our discussions and case studies. We worked mostly in small groups and after we presented our results to everyone. Every single person was allowed to express his opinion and his feelings and because of that a level of English could have moved forward. During training course we learnt a definition of violence, types of violence and how can we deal with them. We experienced Betzavta method and also talked about Bystander effect. One whole day we were focused on Theater of the Oppressed and everyone had a possibility to be an actor for a while. Other day there was a study visit when three youth workers came to visit us and talk about their job and their experiences with youth violence. The project finished by question: How we can contribute to a fight against youth violence?

For me it was a week full of exploring new cultures, new people and new city. Full of fun and on the opposite side also full of serious speeches, full of emotions which persuade you to think about yourself and about life around you. I was there “only” one week but I got so much like it would take at least a month.

Thanks to organizers from Italy and also to EYCB for a great opportunity! Aren´t you still sure about join some Erasmus+ project? Just get out of your comfort zone, stop thinking and go!!!! 

Marie Šoukalová

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