EveryBODY Free — Italy


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: training course

Venue: Marina di Massa, Tuscany, Italy

Dates: 5—13 June 2024

Czech team: 4 participants

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Young Effect Association

Project report:

At the beginning of June our four-member Czech team went to Tuscany for the everybody free project to get a theoretical framework on gender equality on local, regional and national level and equip ourselves with tools and methods designed to promote gender equality.

On the first day we had familiarisation activities and the afternoon was free so we could explore the beaches, which were only a three-minute walk away.

On the second day, we each created a flower to represent our advantages and disadvantages in society. we also learned about stereotypes and made up stories to random people in photos. this showed us how our brains are programmed to attribute character traits to appearance. In the afternoon, we created a gender galaxy, where we clarified terms like pansexual, transgender, polyamory and more.

On the third day we were tasked with making a reel video and instagram story about unequal opportunities in the workplace for women and men. The evening was followed by an intercultural night, where we introduced other nations to Czech colonnades, kofila, becherovka, zelena and taught them to sing the song “Byl jeden pán ten kozla měl”.

On Sunday we had a free day and our Czech group went to explore the picturesque town of Massa, where we tasted authentic Italian gelato and tiramisu.

On Monday we worked on creating posters to take with us to the demonstration in support of equality. Some of us chose those with themes of sexual harassment, pay inequality, unequal opportunities and more.

The next morning we divided into four groups and each group performed one of the project days in the form of a theatre genre. next we created a map to the dream equality land with all the obstacles we have to face and suggestions how to fight them.

On the last day we evaluated the whole project and finally created a fashion show where each national team created a model that included information about our organization that sent us on the project.

Thank you EYCB for the opportunity to meet new people, delve deeper into the promlematics of inequality and gain new experiences.

Zuzana Z.

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