The Dream of Little Prince — Turkey


Date: 1-8 June 2013

Venue: Kırsehir, Cappadocia, Turkey

Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 4.3. training course

Pax: Petra Kolešová, Dalibor Bukovský, Veronika Marková

Project report:

The project took place in beautiful part of Turkey in Kirsehir (3 hours from Ankara by car). Participants came from Czech Republic, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Turkey.

Project was focused on environmental topics and global problems. We discussed about these problems, how we can protect the enviroment in our countries. We also had a lot of time for getting known each other and learn more about other countries and culture on several international nights.

We were staying in hotel in Citak Hotel Resort, where everything was very well prepared. We visited Kaman – The japanese garden, Recycling Center or we had a lunch with the major of Kirsehir.

Organizers prepared for us a daylong trip to Kappadocia. This is an amazing place, where I felt like in a fairy tale. I would like to return there someday again.

And what can I say in the end? It was great expereance to get know new people from different cultures and countries and learn more about the protection of enviroment in Turkey. I highly recommend it and I would also like to participate on the next project.

Petra Kolešová

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