See, Draw, Learn — Poland


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: mountain resort Szczawnica, (30km from Nowy Sącz), Poland

Dates: 26 November – 4 December 2017

Participants: Tereza Veverková, Kateřina Remišová, Miroslava Slavíčková

Please read the info-pack

Participants’ fee: €30/participant

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, United Kingdom, Latvia, Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Romania, Norway,

Hosting organisationMy Dreams Come True Association (MMS)

Project report: 

It was a cold Sunday afternoon when us, three Czech girls, entered a bus going to a town, which name, Szczawnica, we were not able to pronounce. In the vehicle, we already met a first co-participant of the Erasmus+ training course with a promising name “See, draw, learn” we were heading to. When we reached our destination in Polish mountains, organizing sisters Basia and Gosia, were already waiting to welcome us. Later on, we met two great guys, Deniss and Torben, who became our trainers and guides of the week full of doodling, writing and drawing.

Together with people from over 10 different countries, we were exploring the mysteries of visual facilitation. How to draw a character? How to highlight given information? How to connect your thoughts? What materials and colours you can use for drawing? Apart from that, we also learnt making and binding books, creating booklets for self-publishing called zines, visual note taking as well as calligraphy with both, a marker and a brush.


Finally, we discovered how to apply newly acquired knowledge and skills to our professional and personal lives.  Hence, we created our own visual tools we can use e.g. for scheduling house work, planning studies or teaching students. I believe that all of us will apply visual facilitation anywhere we can from now on, since it turned out to be a very powerful practice as we learnt from numerous energizers, plays and competitions throughout the week.

Kateřina Remišová

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