The Greatest Wealth is Health — Poland


Dates:  28 August — 4 September 2020

Venue: Łódź, Poland

Programe and action: ERASMUS+: Youth, Key Action 1: youth exchange

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Participating countries: Poland, Macedonia, Turkey, Croatia, Lithuania, Czech Republic

Participants: Kája Týr (GL), Karolína Bauerová, David Louda, Mariia Yermak , Lenka Tomečková

Hosting organizace: Stowarzyszenie Centrum Wspierania Osob z Niepelnosprawnoscia Open Mind

Project report:

I’m a newcomer in ERASMUS+ programs. “The greatest Wealth is Health” took place in the third biggest city in Poland- Lodz. I’m really into this topic, so I was double happy to see a confirmation email.
The hostel, where we lived for a week, was situated just in two steps of a city center and train station and in 1 step of a beautiful park. Sure it wasn’t a 5-star hotel, but exchanges are about people! Usually we had 3 meals in a vegetarian café down at hostel, so for those, who wanted to try new tastes, it was a good opportunity. But we also went some days to dine out to Pizzeria and Turkish restaurant (to satisfy our boys wish for MEAT).
First two days we played various team-building games, introduce ourselves and our paths through healthy lifestyle journey. I’ve met amazing people from different cultures and nationalities, made friends and just enjoyed my time there.
Then we had some joga and face-fitness workshops. The only thing that wasn’t on our side was weather. Almost all days were rainy and cool. That’s why some outdoor activities were to be cancelled. I wish we had a little bit more of discussions and workshops concerning the topic of the project.
Nevertheless, one day we went bowling! For some of our teammates it was a first time experience. And all of us really enjoyed it! The last day we went for a barbeque to a lovely park on the river to make a final evaluation of a project. Such activities helped to make relations between national groups even more tight. By the end of the week I started to understand Croatian, Polish and Macedonian. I felt like a duck to water spending time with people from other nations. THERE WERE NO BORDERS BETWEEN US!!!
On my way home I looked at pictures with tears in my eyes. I really felt affection to those people. But I know everything is ahead of us.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Maria Yermak 


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