BOLD – Building Opportunities for Leadership and Development – Estonia


Programme and action: ERASMUS+ programme, Key Action 1: Training Course

Dates: 8-16 June 2015

Venue: Tallinn, Estonia

Participants: Laura Lukáčová, Nikola Hájková, Dávid Drexler, Petr Hlubina

Please read the project info-pack & daily programme.

Participating countries: Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Macedonia, France, Czech Republic and Romania.

Host organisation: Esindus

Project report:

Welcome to Estonia! Country of kind and happy people, beautiful landscape, country of free Wi-Fi and birthplace of digital data, country of… Country of our project! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the Training Course of Building Opportunities for Leadership and Development which was held in the Estonian capital Tallinn from 8 June 2015 to 16 June 2015.

Now, in the process of writing these words, I must say I really miss that atmosphere. Participants from Romania, Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic and Latvia were open-minded and great people with an outstanding sense of humour. That all went hand in hand with differences in cultures which were very useful for our project. The target of the BOLD Training Course was to teach us how to organise these kind of projects. From the very beginning to the end of the project we did many workshops and activities under the leadership of two great trainers – Aija and Jovan. Thanks to them we are ready to organise some project without worries and troubles.


At the beginning of the training course we played some ice-breaking games and did team-building activities because it is important to get to know each other (not only for this project). In following days we focused on specific issues of creating projects. We worked hard but we did not get tired because our trainers had always some energizers. I appreciate that everybody was interested in the topic and nobody skipped our activities. Despite all the working activities we had time for visiting Tallinn. Our hotel was five minutes from the old centre and the university where we worked aswell. That is why it was not so complicated to make a trip during our breaks. Moreover, our trainers prepared a guide tour for us!



To sum it up, we experienced not only Estonian culture and habits but also the other cultures thanks to each other. Above that we learnt something new and very useful. You can look forward to applying for new projects because every participant is ready to organise them!

Nikola Hájková

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