The Other Side of Subcultures – Poland


 Programme and action: ERASMUS+ programme, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Dates: 1-8 March 2015

Venue: Murzasichle, Poland

Participants: Jana Nevřalová, Markéta Cicáková, Lucie Trnková, Piotr Cielecki, Šimon Fic, Martin Dostál, Dominik Novotný, Jan Wlachovský

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland

Please read the project daily activities schedule.

Project report:

The project entitled “The other side of subcultures” was prepared in cooperation with partners from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic
and Hungary. It was a youth exchange program where 40 people took part in it, at the age between 18-25. The project took place in Murzasichle, Poland from 01 to 08 of March 2015 and youth subcultures were our central focus.

From our point of view, the whole project was very well organized, polish partners helped us with buying tickets and also ordered a minibus to take us to the place of our staying. We were staying at beautiful apartment house. Accommodation was very nice, food very good and whole program very well organized but also flexible if needed. We also spent lot of time outside, had a few trips ( Zakopane, aquapark…). There was not a single bad point of this week.

 We put a huge emphasis on participation of young people in hard life situations. All participants revealed their true attributes, especially ideology, costumes, history and music. Main targets were following: enhancing awareness and knowledge in a subject of youth, overcoming stereotypes, fighting with superficial judgments and prejudices.

 We also talked about social rejections and discrimination and we were trying to find out the reasons, consequences or the ways of preventing those phenomena. During the project we were working with non-formal education methods, for example, workshops, intercultural evenings, Oxford-style debates, meetings with local people. As long-term benefits we were trying to indicate the creation of tolerant attitudes or acceptance for youth subcultures. In order to spread the results of our work, we created a video conference, a survey and a website.

 Jan Wlachowský

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