YES – Youth Empowerment Through Social Entrepreneurship – Armenia, Dilijan


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Dilijan, Armenia

Dates: 16th—23rd July 2023

National team: : 4 participants (18-25 year) + 1 group leader (18+)

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Hosting organisation:: Armenian Progressive NGO

Project report:

Our project „YES – Youth Empowerment Through Social Entrepreneurship“ took place in the middle of a beautiful Dilijan National Park in Armenia. Our accomodation was about 2 minutes from a gorgeous Haghartsin Monastery Complex. We spent 8 days in a group of 33 participants from 7 countries: Czechia, Slovakia, Italy, Moldavia, Türkiye, Georgia, Armenia.

Through activities based on non formal education, we explored different aspects of social entrepreneurship (types, possible obstacles, examples, competences), youth unenployment, marginalized groups of young people or what are the steps for a successful business plan. In the sessions we used presentations, playing scenes, discussions, energizers etc. The group was amazing and very supportive and even the newbies felt comfortable to speak up in front of the whole group.

During a trip day, we had a chance te visit Sevanavank monastery, chill and swim in the lake Sevan and had a walk through the town of Dilijan. We were very lucky to have a professional tour guide as one of our Armenian participants. Therefore, we got a proper explanation of Armenian history, geography and culture. Jackpot! (Thank you, Zara!).

As we had many different participating countries, our two intercultural nights were full of delicious food and drinks, dancing, singing and laughter. It was a great fun! (Barbora Davidova)

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