Too Hot for Earth — Turkey


Date: 28 August – 4 September 2012

Venue: Artvin, Turkey

Participants: Viktor Šašinka, Radek Šašinka, Miroslav Vlasák, Martina Jedličková, Miroslava Švábová, František Brázdilík (group leader)

Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 1.1. youth exchange.

Project report:

Project “Too Hot for the Earth” was a project with aim to spread the knowledge about ecological problems and about sustainable behavior of people in their life. Workshops about global warming and sustainable development were carried out through interactive games, project building and presentations. This project allowed knowledge transfer between participants to share information about environmental problems in their countries as well as understanding the problem.

Premises for workshop were arranged in a nice dormitory in a small town Artvin, Turkey that was surrounded by beautiful Kackar mountains and clear Coruh river flowing through the town. Participants could wake up every day listening to waterfall streams and prepare for new workshops.

Example of activities: Creating a campaign for global warming; Cleaning the surroundings and building an eco-friendly statue; Designing and eco-friendly house… Participants learned some useful games and activities that they can implement in youth projects back in their countries.

Miroslava Švábová

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