Touching the Horizon (PBA) — Israel


Date: 25-30 November 2012

Venue: Tel Aviv, Israel

Pax: Lukáš Janda

Programme: EuroMED Youth

Project report:

This project, which was supposed to establish new cooperation between organizations, instituted 9 people from different countries in Israel in Tel Aviv. Into this exciting seaside town came representatives of the Czech Republic, Romania, France, Portugal, Slovenia and few Israel organizations.

Just a day before the project started ended the state of war between Israel and the Gaza Strip and the ceasefire lasted for the entire duration of the project and throughout whole project it was safe in Tel Aviv. The project included workshops on violence among young people, a trip to Jerusalem,where we went through the old part, looked at the Wailing Wall, visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum, walked the Stations of the Cross and theinteresting day in a city of many cultures ended with dinner at a famous Moroccan restaurant Darna. Then we were fully dedicated to create new potential projects and other possibilities for cooperation. The final event of the project was a dinner, where were invited national diplomats and representatives ofall the countries. On Friday I went to see the Czech embassy in Tel Aviv, which is in the same location since 1948 when it was created. Then followed trip to the airport, nearly two-hour inspection and then finaly way home.

Lukáš Janda

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