Travel Around Our Mind and Soul – Get Deeper in our Emotional Intelligence for Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Youth Work — Hungary


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Dates: 22—29 January 2023 

Venue: Gyöngyös, Hungary

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Czech team: Martin Zeman, Veronika Adamová

Hosting organisation: MOSTart NKKE

Project report:

Jó napot! This training course took place in a small Hungarian city called Gyongyos. The topic was: Travel around our mind and soul – Get deeper in our emotional intelligence for creating a diverse and inclusive youth work.

In total 27 participants from 11 different countries: Albania, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Lithuania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Spain and Turkey.

In this training course, we touched on stereotypes and unconscious bias for the very first time and we got deeper into this topic every single day, we learned also about systems and thus positioned elements such as the Roma population, the homeless and homosexuals according to each other’s perspectives. We were also encouraged to perceive our reactions in particular situations by not using our logic but our feelings in our body and allowing them to guide us towards the answers because bias is always naturally affecting us.

We spoke about different types, of political biases, biases in society and circles of biases. Lauma mentioned emotional intelligence as well and we worked the whole day with our own biases, how they are related to emotional intelligence and even if we think that we are acting inclusively, we are naturally affected by society, families, education or even social media.

We had reflection time every day, which was very helpful in deeply understanding the emotions and activities that we were participating in. This training course opened my mind even more and I realised a lot of biases that are affecting society in daily life.

Veronika Adamová

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