Travel Around Our Mind and Soul – Get Deeper in our Emotional Intelligence for Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Youth Work — Hungary


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Dates: 22—29 January 2023 

Venue: Gyöngyös, Hungary

Please read the project overview.

National team size: 2 participants (aged 18+)

Hosting organisation: MOSTart NKKE

Project description:

The aim of the project is to explore unconscious bias and emotional literacy of youth workers so that they can make more informed choices and decisions and to foster the importance of diversity in inclusion.

Objectives of the TC:

  1. 1. Understanding emotional literacy: Becoming more aware of EQ: Noticing what we do, becoming more intentional: Doing what we mean. Becoming more purposeful. Doing it for a reason
  2. Understanding the Impact of Unconscious Bias: Why do we have biases? What are the impacts of these biases? How can I identify and address these biases when they emerge? How can I identify and address biases in others? These questions will be explored, and participants will find their answers to that. The effect of projecting our values onto others, Recognizing, and mitigating unconscious bias, Learning to adapt our behavior in ways that will create a more productive working situation
  3. Planning for change to create an inclusive culture in our environment (workplace, schools etc.) What systems, processes and/or behavior expectations can we put in place to reduce the risk of unfair biased decisions occurring
  4. Present a new perspective of Erasmus+ programme

Profile of participants: 

  • motivated people with a desire for exploring unconscious bias and their own EQ
  • young entrepreneurs who wish to be a leader
  • young people who always search for something that can enhance their learning to learn
  • participants that have a proactive attitude
  • Aged 18 – no age limit

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