Volunteer Innovation Project for Society – V.I.P.S. — Cyprus


Dates: 10. 5. – 10. 11. 2016

Venue: Limassol, Cyprus

Programme and action: Erasmus+, KA1, European Voluntary Service

Participants: Kristýna Bulová

Please read the infopack. You can also read about experiences of our previous volunteer in this organisation.

Something about the project: It is composed as a long-term EVS, the youth organisation KEY – Innovation for Culture Education and Youth was the hosting organisation. It focuses mainly on three areas/topics: education, culture and youth.They create, organise and implement seminars, trainings and informative events. Furthermore, KEY organisation provides an opportunity for youth to improve their creative spirit and other skills through participation on culture events, youth exchanges and trainings on Cyprus as well as abroad.

EVS Report: Iamas guys!! Let´s make it clear from the very beginning: 6 months I spent in Cyprus volunteering in a project at NGO KEY were the very best months of my life and unfortunately also the very shortest ones! Let me explain.

Me and other three fellow volunteers from Italy, Portugal and Bulgaria were trying to bring some innovations into Cypriot culture which means we organized many events like movie nights, intercultural nights, board games nights etc. And trust me that organize anything in such a “siga siga“ country was a big challenge 🙂 We also helped in local charity and contributed to bigger events as e.g. Wine festival.  We helped people going on projects via Youth Exchange programs with paperwork and some training.

We met many great people in Cyprus and we made friendships that will last forever. As the island itself is quite small and the distances are not very large, we had a chance to travel and visit many places. Cyprus is a place that offers a lot to people who come to visit – sea with very clean water and amazing beaches, summer weather for most time of the year, forests and hiking trails, a mountain whose top is covered with snow in winter, people who are friendly, kind and most of the population is able to communicate in English which makes socializing so easy and awesome!

To sum up, I am very grateful that EYCB provides young people with opportunities to go on projects, travel, meet new people and learn a lot not only about different cultures but also about themselves.

Kristýna Bulová

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