Volunteer Vanguard — Poland


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: traning course

Venue: Rabka-Zdrój, Poland

Dates: 7—15 March 2024

Czech team: 1 participant  

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Hosting organisation: Europe4Youth

Project report:

During the project in Rebka, we primarily focused on aspects of volunteer work, how to utilize it, and how to work with it. Initially, we attempted to define which aspects of volunteering we consider important and how we can support and improve them to enhance the volunteer experience for others.

Another point on the agenda was improving the safe place and volunteer environment. We heavily focused on resolving crisis situations among volunteers and eliminating these issues. These workshops were extremely beneficial because they made us realize how close and real the problems can be.

The last and, in my opinion, most crucial point was aftercare. Many volunteer coordinators fail to realize how important it is to communicate with volunteers even after the project ends and provide them with support as they reintegrate into normal life. This transition can be very demanding for many people, and if not handled adequately, it can lead to burnout. In general, we spent quite a long time discussing wellbeing and how it can be nurtured among volunteers.

Marianna K.

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