What’s in Your Plate? – France


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Bédeille, Ariège, France

Dates: 25 August – 1 September 2015

Participants: Veronika Lasotová, Michaela Kellerová, Zuzana Pavloňová

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Hosting organisationSolAfrika

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Austria, Romania, France

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Project report:

Bonjour! Our project was situated to the south of France. Concretely to the nice small village called Bédeille, near to the Toulouse, the third biggest city in France. We, peoples from Czech group, met on Prague Airport, so we had some time to know each other and the way ran faster in such good company. We had some extra time, so we could walk through the historical part of Toulouse. Description of way from the organizers was quite accurate, so we had no problem to arrive at the place.

Theme of our project was “What Is In Your Plate”, quite mysterious, but the more interesting for us. We arrived to Bédeille on the 25th August and met rest of participants from other countries. From the very beginning there was among us a great and friendly atmosphere. We almost did not need ice breaking games, but thanks to them we could better remember the names of others. We had fun during all the time, funny games, dancing evenings, preparing food, speaking about food, food almost everywhere and in almost every activity, as it suggests the topic of this project J.

Thanks to our perfect organisers we had rich program. We were dealing, for example with the problem of food wasting, the handling of animals in mass production and problems of mas agriculture, other topic was how we can use wild plant in our kitchens and linkage in world food system and many others. We also talked about our own personal approaches and solutions. One of the solutions how to prevent wasting of food was cooking “DiscoSoup” on local market in Saint Girons. This city was right under Pyrenees so we had beautiful view and on the market was really nice atmosphere, everybody was smiling and friendly. We were cooking with music from second quality vegetables and fruit, which you can get in France from supermarkets for free because, is already unsalable. We were also working on garden, we were doing herb spiral and for a moment we became garden architects. Now we can start changing our lives, consuming and the world, to be friendlier to the nature.

Every day during the project we had intercultural evenings, and every evening were each group from some country preparing their national dishes. So we could experience national dishes and culture without any traveling J. The group were also presenting their culture, some evening we even learned some national dances, such as the Viennese waltz and Polka from Czech group.

The whole group was great well-coordinated since the whole beginning of the project. I am very grateful to both Czech organizers, EYCB, as well as a French organization, Sol Africa and Nico, Adéle and Nora,  that we could participate in the project, to meet so many great new people, new places and improve your English right in practice. With these people and on this nice place under the Pyrenees, I could stay easily longer. 


Veronika Lasotová

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