Who Is the Director of Your Gender Role — Germany


Programme ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Osternholz Scharmbeck, Bremen, Germany

Dates: 26 October—4 November 2022

National team: Martin Zeman, Andrea Klímková, Clara Madureira Lobão de Carvalho 

Please read the info-pack & project booklet.

Hosting organisation: Loesje e.V. 

Project report:

Hallo! Greetings from the participants of the EYCB project in Bremen, Germany. The three of us travelled all the way to a distant German city in the hopes of educating ourselves on the matter of gender identity and equality and met a lot of amazing people in the process.

One of these people made the greatest impression. Her name was Loesje.   

Loesje is a young lady from the Netherlands who strives to make the world a better place. She taught us a lot on the matter of freedom, and we cooperated together throughout the project as she taught us how to love and support each other despite our differences. She’s a very kind, bright and strong-willed soul who motivates us to be our best selves.

With Loesje’s help, we learned about the core of human rights and worked together on understanding them. We also earned a better understanding of the LGBTIQ+ community and what it entails, such as the vast terminology and breach of human rights and crimes against the community, and its struggles to be accepted within the society, as well as how to raise awareness and support it.

Loesje is a fictional character of an international free-speech non-governmental organisation with which we spent our time in Germany. We, as participants, received a clear schedule with a variety of activities and shared a building in nature together where the atmosphere supported our creativity. As well as exploring our own thoughts and values, we also travelled out and saw the city of Bremen and its beauty.

All in all, thanks to the project organisers and participants, we had a lovely time abroad during which we opened our eyes to new horizons and points of view, learned a great deal not only about the LGBTQI+ community and our rights as human beings, but also about how they are being breached and what we can do in their support. I’m very thankful for this wonderful experience and hope to see the world become accepting of people belonging to minorities.

Clara MLDC

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