Who Is the Director of Your Gender Role — Germany


Programme ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Osternholz Scharmbeck, Bremen, Germany

Dates: 26 October—4 November 2022

National team size: 3 youth workers

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Loesje e.V. 

Project description:

One of the most affected groups, that suffers many kinds of violation of human rights; discrimination in many ways, physically, mentally, in the job market and in the family; a group that in many countries faces threats of imprisonment, torture and even death; a group that has a high suicide rate, is LGBTIQ*.

With this mobility of youth workers, we would like to invite activists, youth workers, educators active in their communities through their youth work on a daily basis, to share realities, to exchange experiences, to discuss new approaches, as well as good practices and together to suggest concrete strategies for further activities.

The overall objectives of this mobility are:

  • to raise awareness about the realities that LGBTIQ* face and the importance of their inclusion and empowerment
  • to learn and exchange different creative, innovative and digital tools and methods for quality youth work
  • to use the Erasmus+ program as an opportunity for active inclusion of LGBTIQ* youth
    The special objective of this project is:
  • to suggest concrete strategies for activism


This activity is open to youth workers, activists, educators who are directly involved in work with the LGBTIQ+ community (as well migrants, refugees, Roma etc.), they are open to learn and to develop new skills and competencies and are active offline as well as online by promoting human/LGBTIQ+ rights and anti-discrimination. They come from a diverse range of backgrounds, but most are young people who are engaged in their surroundings, to improve conditions, raise awareness and activate their  ommunities.

The youth workers have experience in work with marginalized youth and are able to contribute in the project based on their experience. The participants involved are open-minded youth workers, motivated to gain new knowledge to develop competencies, but also to be multiplicators once back home.

During this mobility, the participants will have different common tasks regarding the preparation of breakfast and keeping the dining room and kitchen clean after each meal.

The participants will receive the agenda including these tasks upon arrival. We expect responsible, flexible and engaged youth workers, who will foster team work by completing all tasks on time.

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