Wilderness Ventures – A Training on Outdoor Education in European Youth Work – Bosnia & Herzegovina


Dates: 13-21 April 2013

Venue: Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 4.3. training course

Participant: Tomáš Adámek

Project report

Even the jurney prepared a lot of obstacles for me I finally arrived. What a surprise when nobody was waiting for me. I said let’s throw it away and focus, how can I get to the hostel. After 40 minutes my effort was rewarded. I can honestly say I visited beautiful place in B&H. All the history make Mostar very attractive for turists. So the project started and all the meeting and introducing came and the top. That’s for instance why I go to these projects. Meeting new people and making tough friendship open you even more options than you can imagine in that moment. So the people were really nice and that’s why the project was even better. By the way it was about Wildness and ventures. The whole week was focused on outdoor education and including people in it using sports, games as a tools. The day before the last one the all preparing we made before came on the top. We included at least three hundred people in our games and stuff. Really enjoyable moment when you see all thoose happy faces playing with you simply games what we played in schools. I don’t have any complains about food and accomodation because that’s not the reason why i was there. I enyjoed the whole week as it was and if the food, rooms or organization was different than i suppose, WHO CARES! I really enyjoed spent time in Mostar and thaks for this oportunity you gave me. 

Tomáš Adámek

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