Writing is Rewriting – Latvia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Riga, Latvia

Dates: 6 – 15 October 2017

Participants: Lenka Nejedlíková, Roxana-Michaela Chiriac

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Participating countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Romania

Hosting organisation: Association “Room of Fulfilled Dreams”

Project report: 

I applied for the training course „Writing is rewriting” in the first instance considering the topic- using creative writing as a tool to react against hate speech and radicalisation, but I can definitely say that I gained much more than I expected. Due to this project, I realised that I should follow my passion for creative writing, in addition to learning some ways regarding how to make this passion do some changes into the real world. Besides the theoretical knowledge, I consider that the most valuable asset from this project was the opportunity to meet and become friends with people coming from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. Therefore, I could state that after this experience- similar to the feeling that I had after each Erasmus project that I took part in- I feel much more European, I am much more aware of the implications of my European citizenship. Also, the project made me realize that we are so similar despite the country that we are coming from and that the different customs and cultures are something that should bring us together, rather than differentiate us.

Also, I consider that this training course thaught me how to work and collaborate better within a team, since we had a wide variety of tasks in which we had to work together with other participants from distinct countries. In addition, from my perspective, I will never forget the unique atmosphere of the project, held within a nice location in the nature, which I think that contributed towards creating an environment proper for doing crative writing.

All in all, for me this project was an enriching experience and I would recommend similar projects to all people who wish to become more aware of other cultures, to make friends from different countries and to make a change within our societies.

                Roxana-Michaela Chiriac

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