Better Access to European Cultures — Serbia


Program a akce: program ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

YE dates: 7-14 October 2018

YE venue: Novi Sad, Serbia

APV dates: 7-9 September. Please read the APV programme.

APV venue: Novi Sad, Serbia

Please read the YE daily activities

Participants: Lucie Figalová, Natálie Krakuvčíková, Nikola Dvořáková, Kateřina Chvílová, Jan Srnec

Group leader: Lukáš Koupil

Hosting organisation: RES POLIS

Project report: 

Dobrodošli! Welcome to Serbia! The summer has definitely not ended yet at Balkans and so we could just throw away all our autumn/winter clothes we have packed with us. This amazing environment was shared not only with me but also with 5 other Czechs, some Slovaks, couple of Hungarians, bit of Romanians and Serbians. 

Project Better access to European Cultures took place in Becej, Northern part of Serbia, Vojvodina. Why Vojvodina? Because it has been a very multicultural place throughout the whole history. And what better place can we find for learning about different cultures than that?

Our project has started with some icebreakers and team building activities – after all, we haven’t ever seen one another before. I feel like we were lucky to have such positive-minded, energetic and colourful group (two members of Hungarian team were actually Mexicans living in Hungary and one member of Romanian team was a Polish living in Romania). 

After some getting to know each other activities, we started with the crucial workshops of culture awareness. Each national team had a task to prepare two workshops: one of introducing other nation as we, youngsters, see it and other of a small language session. We had the pleasure to talk about Hungary, Czechia was represented in a hilarious way by Serbians. 

We have definitely learned a lot about how other nations see the Czech Republic as well as had a lot of fun – after all, some stereotypes are just true. <3

The project ended with an excursion to local stables and a castle where we have eaten burek and rode a carriage across the countryside.


All in all, I believe we had learned a lot about other cultures, about its differences and maybe even more about its similarities.

Lukáš Koupil

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