YES (Young Entrepreneurs for Social Change) — Spain


Programme & action: Youth in Action, action 4.3. training course

Venue: Murcía, Spain

Dates: 21-27 October 2013

Participants: Kateřina Novanská, Miroslav Hrubý

Project report:

A week in sunny friendly Spain can be a very hard working and fruitful time. How come? Simpy by attending a non-formal education training of Youth in Action program of EU as YES was. This project was organised by Euroaccion for 23 youngsters from 11 different countries. We spent 5 full days of an intensive training and learning in Casa del Trigo, a training facility of Euroaccion near Caravacca de la Cruz. 
During this time we learned about the importance of social work in our society, what Social Entrepreneurship (SE) means and which qualities are necessary to be a successful social entrepreneur. After this, we worked on our own vision of SE in groups and try to plan a project in details according to our common group vision in order to realise all possible obstacles connected to this kind of project. 
It wouldn’t be so great without few lessons of personal development in topics such as creativity, overcoming our fears or project management. Moreover, we presented our organizations, culture and got inspired by activities other participants are involved in. 
However, it was not only about the hardwork- we had 1 free afternoon in Caravacca, a lovely small town nearby, we shared our typical food during the intercultural night, we enjoyed delicious Spanish cusine, shared our experiences, get to know each other and crossed inter-cultural barriers every day! 
Moreover, for me lot of stereotypes were broken as well- our siesta had only 2 hours and trainers were always on time!!! 🙂 Spain embraced us with its typical warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

No one else but us can urge us to became social entrepreneurs  – but thanks to this training we can say we are ready to start! I believe we got motivated to solve social issues this way and thus give back to our community.

Katarína Novanská

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