Young Entrepreneurs, Strong Societies — Turkey


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Nevşehir, Turkey

Dates: 23—29 April 2023

Czech team: Taher Kebab (GL), Otakar Sedlák, Patrik Rázga, Natálie Morozjuková, Kateřina Šťastná, Aneta Pospíšilová, Klára Horová

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Cappadocia Youth Volunteers

Project report:

Projects in Turkey are always something different, where Europe meets Asia, where multiculture and diveristy in its beauty.
betweeb 23.04.2023 and  29.04.2023 a Youth exchange was held in Nevşehir city in Turkey  called “

Young Entrepreneurs, Strong Societies. This city is famous for its Airballon and the mountis and hills around. In the project  *Czech Republic *Lithuania *Poland *Romania *Türkiye were together. From each country there were 6 particoants and one Team leader.

In the first day we had an Official opening of the Project, Review of the program, wishes & Expectations , Games about breaking ice and learning names thanks to Kerem and his experience, we were able to connect with each other since the begenning which was important as this project was only 5 days.

In those 5 days, we had visits to Nevşehir Employment Cente, Nevşehir Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Nevşehir Public Education Center where they welcomed us always with Tea ( čaj ) in Czech and Turkish share the same word. Just that Tea in Turkey has replaced Beer in Czech.

In Turkey you can see stray Cats and Dogs on the street just walking by themselves belonging to no one, waiting for cuddling and food. Once you land in Turkey you will notice the mosques, they are Huge here and nicely built. Different architecture than Europe. 

In the Program we had the chance to visit Göreme, a village that is located right in front of the location where the Airballon takes off, we could ride horses or ATV or have a walk between the hills. I have to say it is a must visit place.

The food in Turkey is different sotry, the Kebabs the Pies, the Turkish breakfast, you can’t avoid not gaining weight in Turkey :D.

Taher Kebab

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