Your Best Voice — Poland


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: “Jedliczanka”, Grotniki, near Lodz, Poland

Dates: 19-28 August 2019

Participants: Lucie Prisovská, Richard Bystřický

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Hosting organisation: KobieTy

Participating countries: Austria, Latvia, Romania, Hungary, Italy, France, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Poland, Portugal and Czech Republic

Project report: 


Voice is the strongest tool we are using for communication. As trainers, teachers, leaders, one of the main assets we rely on is our voice. We think we can use it. Almost everyone does. But can we prepare our voice for difficult situations like public speaking? Can we take care of our voice? Can we rely on our voice during really stressful situations?

Twenty-four youth workers were looking for answers on these questions during training course Your Best Voice which was held in a guest house located around 20 km from Łódź, in the heart of the Grotniki lovely forest.

Training course was led by two experienced trainers Gabi and Inese. Their approach was based on friendly cooperation with others and on inner satisfaction with our voices. Best teaching method is love. That was motto of our training course. If you don’t like your voice it is difficult to recognize full potential of it. But we were using also some very technical approaches about how to breathe, how to pronounce or how to warm-up our voice before public speech. So the whole training course was mix of hard technics how to work with our voice and mix of deep psychical sessions how to feel good about our voices.

This approach helped us to make really good friendships with each other. Training course was super intensive and many parts of it were really challenging for many of us. But in the end we felt that we really learnt something about our voices and maybe also about our souls.  I spent my trip back to Czech in deep melancholic mood because it was unforgettable week full of intensive experiences.

Thank a lot EYCB for opportunity to be participant of training course “Your Best Voice”.

Richard Bystřický

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