Youth in Network — Portugal


Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 4.3. PBA (partnership building activity)

Dates: 23-29 November 2013

Venue: Braga, Portugal

Participants: Ondřej Serbousek, Jan Vacek, Kristýna Pelcová

Participating countries: Portugal, Latvia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, France, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia and Slovenia.

Project report

Oláá everybody – let´s visit Portugal, just now! Let me introduce you the land of the Sun, even in NovemberJ… For me it was the third visit of Portugal, but the first patricipation in project EYCB. There were 3 people from each of these countries: Portugal, Latvia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia and Slovenia.

The organization of the project was almost perfect. The place was chosen really well – it was in the nature and everything was so clean. The organizers also ensured the transport from Porto (for all of us). But the biggest problem was cold in the main room – it was without heating.

The main topic was employment crisis. We focused on the problem of unemployment, because nowdays it´s really big problem in Portugal. Unemployment in Portugal is between 30 and 40% – this number is really high! We also had an opportunity to compare the situation in different European countries.

Amazing was the cooperation between different nations, meeting new people and also their culture. We were doing a lot of exercises focused on familiarization, getting new information, interviewing people from beautiful city Braga,… Our stay was very enriching for each of us and thank you very much that i could participate in this project!

CU again in PortugalJ


Kristýna Pelcová

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