Youth Policy Development-Challenges and Achievements — Georgia


Date: 23-30 March 2013

Venue: Rustavi, Georgia

PaxVáclav Prak, Jan Slepička, Anna Hájková

Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1. training course

Project report:

There were mostly participants from eastern Europe who had a lot in common (Belarus, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Czech republic and Germany) and it was not a big group which we think it helped us. The group was all the time on time and most successful in time, when could actively work and not just listen to a presentation.


Even if the topic of Youth policy may sound complicated, with creative methods we worked with it in very interesting way and I did not see anyone bored or not aware about the topic. At the there were few groups of people who were interested in working together even after the project and there is good chance that some participants will organise their own projects.
From the perspective of the environment, it was nice stay in Rustavi. The city is not very developed but people are nice and the scout centre where we stayed is new and more than appropriate for YiA program. We experienced some traditional Georgian food and drinks and also we visited Tbilisi and some natural treasure of Georgia. It was very nice week.
Václav Prak  

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