Migration is Our Right 2 — Germany


Date: 6.—16. January 2020

Místo konání: Abenteurzentrum im Grunewald, Berlín

 Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Abenteurzentrum im Grunewald, Berlín

Dates: 6-16 January 2020

Czech Participants: Ondřej Zahuta, Van Anh Tranová

Host organisation: Non Formal for Youth

Participating countries: Germany, Czechia, Romania, Italy, Spain, Greece

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Project report: Migration is Our Right 2


In the youth exchange Migration is our right #2 we were learning about human rights. With people from Spain, Romania, Greece and Italy in the middle of Grunewald in Berlin we were trying to understand this topic through the improvisation theatre, debates and workshops. The first two days were devoted to get to know every participants better and building trust. Building a ropeway in cold forest was our first task when we had to cooperate and came up with solution. It was difficult especially when it was getting darker but together we managed to finish this infinity task. Being trustful was very important because during the whole 10 days we had to work in groups on different tasks and discuss and change opinion on different topics. The interesting part was to understand human rights through improvisation theatre and performances. On the same principles which improvisation theatre works could be implemented into better understanding between people. Acceptance, coordination, help, different interpretation based on different background,…
Most of the activities were focused on developing our creativity and ideas. We collaborate together by using DIXIT cards to create a plot for a story. After that a scene was built refering to the human rights. Others were trying to guess what we were trying to deliver and which human right could be seen there. This also appeal on different understanding and interpretation. This principle was also used for next task called photo voice and video voice. In a free day spending in the centre of Berlin we have had to focus on different situation and people which could be used for our project. Equality, freedom, fair trial, possibility, borders these terms and much more could be used to refering to these pictures.
We took an advantage of right to migrate and came together to this project. Beside learning about human rights we could share our opinions, attitude and mostly important we got to know each other,  learn about new culture and share stories and to got inspired. Thanks for this opportunity to participate in such a great project with these beautiful people.

Van Anh Tranová

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