More in YOU — Italy


Date: 21-28 October 2012

Venue: Falcone, Italy

Pax: Hana Petránková, Libor Mišurec, Lenka Hávová, Jakub Henčl, Martina Dvořáková (GL)

Programme and Action: Youth in Action programme, action 1.1. youth exchange

Project report:

Project More in YOU took place in village Falcone on the north of Sicily. Teams consisted of 5 people from Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Sweden, Bulgaria, Lithuania and the Czech Republic participated in this youth exchange. The main focus of the project was youth employability and how youth can fight unemployment. Each team prepared formal or non-formal workshop about this topic for others. Through this activity, every national group gave and shared ideas. According to participants feedback, it was very enriching.

Organizers prepared two trips to neighborhood places. One of them included bathing in the sea:) Traditional „intercultural night“ was also part of the exchange. To conclude, it was a great experience. New friendships were established and we all have learnt something new, especially about the main topic of the project.  

Martina Dvořáková

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