Youthpass Expanded — Cyprus


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Larnaca, Cyprus

Dates: 18-26 November 

Participants: Zuzana Kolečková, Ondřej Přikryl, Jana Fiedlerová

Please read the  info-pack.

Please also see the following:

  • Group photo announcing the training course:
  • Meeting with the Cyprus Commissioner for Volunteerism and Non-governmental Organizations
  • The photo album of the project
  • A photo project on Learning to Learn where all the participants have been portrayed quoting some famous sayings on learning

Participants’ fee: €30/participant

Project website:

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Lithuania, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Slovakia

Hosting organisationSEAL Cyprus (Cyprus Organisation for Sustainable Education & Active Learning)

Project report: 

Kalimera! Aka good morning from sunny Cyprus! Czech team sent by EYCB had a chance to experience widely known Cypriot hospitality and good mood during the training course Youthpass Expanded.


The project took place in Larnaca, Cyprus between 18.11 and 26.11.2017.  The training course  was about validation of non-formal learning and its value for an employment of youth. What can you actually imagine under this?


Throughout the whole week we were discussing importance of 8 key competencies necessary for lifelong learning. And we were finding out ways how to develop these competences. The whole week was packed with workshops focused on topics like communication, leadership, gender equality etc. The organizers used very interesting methods of no-nformal education so they did not give us a chance to feel bored or excluded.


Even though we were learning hard during the session, we had enough time to enjoy last sunrays on a beach because the hotel Flamingo was located right by the beach. The selection of hotel played a major role in satisfaction of participants. And I need to say it was a great choice. Very good food, friendly staff and both city centre and sea really nearby. I believe we all enjoyed it.


Speaking for Czech participants, we were coming back home in very positive mood and thankful to organizers for the good job they have done. Beside the sessions, they also organized guided tour around Nicosia for us so we have had a chance to enjoy more than one place in Cyprus. 

To sum it up, if there is no EYCB as the great group allowing a lot of people to do amazing things EYCB would have to be invented! Thank a lot every single person allowing these projects to happen!  


Ondřej Přikryl

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