YouthPass Project — Denmark


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Stenløse, Denmark

Dates: 26 March – 3 April 2018

Participants: Robert Ach-Hübner, Matěj Klukan, Jakub Hlahůlek, Mariia Martynová, Kristýna Pokorná

Group leader: Nikol Škorpíková

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Participating countries: Denmark, Czech Republic, Turkey, Serbia, Italy, Georgia, Jordan, Ukraine

Hosting organisation: Copenhagen Youth Network

Project report: 

Denmark. Winter.

Oh, sorry, it was the beginning of April, Easter and a bit of snow outside. Welcome to Denmark!

The coldness helped us, the youth from eight (can you imagine, eight!) countries to get closer in one big house for a very short period. During the first day of greetings and struggles with remembering the name almost 50 people started to build friendships! The atmosphere remained pleasant throughout the whole project. And, who knows, maybe this international friendship will last for the next 10, 15, 20 years!

The friendly organizers—Vladica, Thomas and Heresh—helped us meet each other and get in touch, controlled our activities, watched everyone’s engagement and tried to provide mental and physical comfort to everyone

So, there we are: amazing people (really amazing!), Turkish food (a bit unexpected when you are in Denmark, but many-many thanks to Heresh’s mother, who cooked for us during the whole project, for amazing and delicious home-made food), but the question remains open—what were we doing in this cold Denmark?

Youthpass Context. Eight Competences—Erasmus + non-formal and informal learning: Communication in the mother tongue, Communication in foreign languages, Mathematical competence, Digital competence, Learning to learn, Social and civic competences, Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, Cultural awareness and expression. We worked on all of these, sometimes even without realizing that!

Personally, for me, a Slavic speaker (Ukrainian and Russian as mother tongues, fluent Czech and basic level of Polish) Language Competences were the most interesting part, as there were participants from Ukraine, Serbia and the Czech Republic, so we could combine all the languages and still understand each other.

Moreover, Digital Competence is strongly connected to my job, so I was glad to receive more information about it, share my skills and experience, as well as enjoy presentations about useful digital tools from Georgian and Czech participants.

I will never tire to repeat—amazing people! All participants were great! A lot of intercultural communication (with cultural nights, where we could dance together and try the local food). Many thanks to everyone and see you around (the Earth;).

Mariia Martynova

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