Youthworkers’ Capacity Building and Development — Cyprus


Programme: Erasmus+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Larnaca, Cyprus

APV (= advance planning visit) dates: 1—3 April 2022. APV will be attended by one represenative from each national team.

Training course dates: 20—28 May 2022

Please read the info-pack & project booklet.

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Lithuania 

Hosting organisation: Network for European Citizenship and Identity

Czech team: Pavla Wernerová (GL), Adéla Škorpilová, Matěj Valenta

Report from APV:

Between 1-3 April, I took part in an AVP for the training “Youthworkers’ Capacity Building and Development” which took part in Larnaca in Cyprus. I had never been to an advance planning meeting before so I really did not know what to expect. I was really happy that I was surrounded by several national group leaders who each did amazing things in their organizations: focusing on topics such as education, spreading awareness about sexual diseases and others. Even though quite short, during those three days, we managed to do a lot. We dicussed possible activities for the training course, how to make it most useful for the participants and how to make their stay as pleasant and useful as possible. Apart from that, we also had time to explore the surroundings of Larnaca. We visited visiting Aquatiques, Hala Sultan Tekke, Salt Lake with Flamingos and Saint Lazaros, all very interesting and also historical places. I believe that we did a very good job to brainstorm some ideas and I myself cannot wait to participate at the upcoming training because it will be a source of great new ideas and experience.
                                                                                                                              Pavla Wernerová

Project report:

The project Youtworker’s Capacity Building and Development which took place in Cyprus in Paralimni from 20th-29th of May 2022 was focused on working as a youthworker and development of the youth. In the first part of the project, we discussed the position of the youthworker, their competences, responsibilites and features. All participants shared their experience from their organizations and their lives. Then we moved to the part where we focused on communication and improvization. These skills are very important for youthworkers and even though it was sometimes a step out of the comfort zone, it was very interesting and enjoyable. We did some role playing, improvizating, presenting and many different activities.
In the last part of the project, we created our own activities in group: icebreakers, energizes, group building and main activities. Our task was to take into account minorities, refugees and immigrants into account and modify the games based on these groups. It was very useful to think outside of the box about how to modify the games to include everybody. Apart from the official part of the project, we also had a half-day off during which we travelled to Ayia Napa and then went on a boat to the sea. It was very beautiful. 
In general, the project was very useful both for personal and professional development. Many tasks which I learned here I can use in the future and I believe they will be very useful. I am also very grateful that I learned more about a new country which I had never visited before and which will definitely have a place in my heart. 
                                                                                                                              Pavla Wernerová

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