Into the Wild — Portugalsko


Program a akce: program ERASMUS+: Mládež, Klíčová akce 1: výměna mládeže

Termín konání: 6.—13. říjen 2020

Místo konání: Covilha, Portugalsko

Účastníci českého týmu: Jakub Cieślar (GL), Maryana Deyak, Michael Rada, Miloslava Macková, Kristýna Liptáková, Julie Suchá

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Hostitelská organizace: Jovens da Pesqueira

Účastnící-se země: Portugalsko, Řecko, Lotyšsko, ČR, Slovensko, Rumunsko

Report z projektu:

In August 2020 five international teams attended Youth Exchange cunducted by informal group  Mountain Lovers. The aim of „Talking About You(th)“ was to develop participants‘ skills  and competences needed to carry out own or group project and engage youth to assume active role  in the European society. 

The initial team building activities united the members and made easier the cooperation in the group.  During the one week we worked on planning our own project. Thanks to experienced participants  and tools provided by facilitators we could learn about the real aspects and challenges faced when  working on projecting. 

The project was professional, effective and entertaining. The organisers, facilitators and all the staff  was helpful and the time in Covilhã well organised and effectively used. „Talking About You(th)“ gave a space to everybody to learn in many different ways. It brought together diverse group with  different ideas and directions which made it richer. 

The activities took place in Natural Park Serra da Estrela where we got the opportunity to explore  the surroundings, there was an exceptional final dinner prepared for us and the Portuguese team  brought us closer to local culture during the Portugues night and during the whole time. 

I definitely recommend to participate in future activities of this organization. Many thanks to every  single person in hosting organization and EYCB who gave us the opportunity to be part of it. 

                                                                                          Kristýna Liptáková


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