8 Intelligences 2 – Macedonia


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1.1. youth exchange

Venue: Struga, Macedonia

Dates: 12-21 July 2014

Participants: Anna Volková, Dominika Csepcsarová, Jitka Knapová, Ulrika Tomanová, Tereza Svobodová, Jiří Foltýn, Piotr Cielecki

Project report:

One day during July, 56 people from 8 different countries met in wonderful town Struga, Macedonia. We took part the project named 8 Intelligences. But why 8 intelligences? In 1983 development psychologist Howard Gardner proposed the theory of multiple intelligences. He claimed some people are better at understanding some things than others and our inteligence can´t be measured with an IQ test. The intelligences are following: 1. Logical and mathematical intelligence, 2. Visual – spatial intelligence, 3 .Linguistic intelligence, 4. Bodily – kinesthetic intelligence, 5. Musical inteligence, 6. Intrapersonal intelligence, 7. Interpersonal intelligence and 8. Naturalistic intelligence. Our aim was to go through all forms of intelligence and found the strongest one in ourselves and find the way how to improve the another ones. This project gave us not only new knowledge and abilities but also new friendships, opportunities and time to find ourselves.

First of all we did the icebreaking activities where we met each others. Then we started to focus on different kinds of intelligence and did various kinds of workshops. Our trainee divided us into different groups then we could start working our tasks. Don´t imagine boring siting in rooms or memorize some definitions from books. It was lot of fun – learning by doing, sharing our ideas in groups, learning how to cooperate. After we all finished our tasks, we were sitting in a circle and showing our project to other participants. Moreover, there were a lot of outdoor activites to let the fresh air help our brains and we enjoyed them a lot (espacially the water games J) The main aim of the project was to develop our life-long learning competencies, self-awareness and promote active and creative participation in processes and events around us.

The project wasn´t only targed for leasing, it was also focused on our socialization, fading new friends and have fun. For three nights we attended the Intercultural nights in our confrerence hall. Every country prepaired the traditional food, drinks, showed us presentation about their country so we saw a lot about every country and tasted various kinds of food and drinks. As a group we´ve become really good friends and we have fantastic memories and experiences. Thanks to the organizators the atmospehre was very relaxed, pleasant and cool. They have showed us show to think in different way, how to see issues from the another perspective. For me, personally, this project means an important turning point in my life and really gave me a lot. I´m greatful I had this oportunity to participace project like this. My thanks go to EYCB and EYE Forum for doing such a great job and allow young people to cooperate with other nationalities for projects which have sense and are useful for life.

If you are interested in this project, you can visit our blog for more information: http://www.8intelligences2.blogspot.cz/


Tereza Svobodová

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